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Meat-Free Summer Cheeseboard

Meat-Free Summer Cheeseboard

No meat - no problem! The amazing @theboardroompleasanton loaded up this meat-free board with fresh fruit, colorful accents, lots of delicious cheese and local produce, including some beautiful mulberries! CHEVOO Smoked Salt & Rosemary Goat Cheese + Olive Oil compliments it perfectly.


* Cypress Grovers Humboldt Fog
* Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed
* Point Reyes Toma
* Point Reyes Baby Blue
* Marin French Brie
* Manchego
* CHEVOO Smoked Salt & Rosemary Goat Cheese + Olive Oil
* Hummus
* Tzatziki
* Dalmatia Fig Jam
* Blood Orange
* Grapes
* Strawberries
* Mulberries
* Peaches
* Cherries
* Radish
* Daikon radish
* Cucumber
* Yellow tomatoes
* Celery hearts with leaves
* Dried figs
* Garnish with fresh herbs


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