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The Belle Cheese Board Goat Cheese Assortment


This collection of products highlights the diversity of the fresh goat cheeses we create along with our favorite pairings: crackers and compotes! The crackers add crunch to our creamy cheeses, while the slightly spicy compotes add an additional pop of flavor.
We’ll let you decide what is your favorite combination with our spreadable goat cheese and double-infused marinated chèvres, as well as our grape leaf-wrapped goat cheese!

This collection is our largest assortment for one of your large gatherings.

Included in this selection:

1 Belle Chevre Honey Spreadable Goat Cheese - 6 Oz
1 Belle Chevre Greek Kiss - 4 Oz
1 CHEVOO Original - Smoked Salt & Rosemary - 4 Oz
1 CHEVOO Herbes de Provence - 4 Oz
1 CHEVOO Italian Black Truffle - 4 Oz
1 Firehook Sea Salt Crackers - 5.5 Oz
1 Firehook Garlic & Thyme Crackers - 5.5 Oz
1 Janet’s Finest Peach Compote - 1.5 Oz
1 Janet’s Finest Mixed Berry Compote - 1.5 Oz
1 Janet’s Finest Raspberry Compote - 1.5 Oz
1 Bamboo Tongs

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