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Creamy Pesto Goat Cheese Pasta Recipe

Creamy Pesto Goat Cheese Pasta Recipe
  1. Add pesto to a large, heat resistant bowl. Make spreadable by adding olive oil from CHEVOO goat cheese.
  2. Prepare a deep pan with boiling water. Salt. Cook pasta al dente.
  3. Using tongs, transfer pasta to bowl with pesto and toss to coat evenly. No need to strain first, the starch in the water will help make pesto more saucy. Add more pesto/CHEVOO olive oil as needed.
  4. Add CHEVOO goat cheese and basil (tear with hands, no fancy chopping necessary), toss so cheese melts and is uniformly distributed with pesto.
  5. Plate pasta, top with Parm and serve for a delicious dish.

Recipe by @thecheesetwins

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