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Chevoo Marinated Goat Cheese



Created nearly 10 years ago, CHEVOO is a magical combination of herb-blended, fresh goat cheese which is cubed, then marinated in a robust extra virgin olive oil infusion. With tantalizing flavors such as Herbes de Provence and Urfa Chili & Lemon, your palate will come alive!

Spread on crackers or toasted bread, CHEVOO is great for impromptu entertaining or snacking. Added to recipes, CHEVOO can elevate home-cooked meals into something special. Simply tossed in a salad or soup, or schmeared on a burger or veggies, CHEVOO adds a burst of flavor every time!

Chevoo Original (Smoked Salt & Rosemary) Marinated Goat Cheese


Chevoo Herbes De Provence Marinated Goat Cheese


Chevoo Urfa Chili & Lemon Marinated Goat Cheese


Chevoo Dill Pollen & Garlic Marinated Goat Cheese


Chevoo Italian Black Truffle Goat Cheese


The CHEVOO Variety Box


The CHEVOO Ultimate Board


CHEVOO Wooden Tong (4x)


CHEVOO Large Cheese Board


CHEVOO Medium Cheese Board


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