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Chevoo Provence Gift Box

When you think of France’s Provence region, stunning fields of lavender come to mind. Did you know the herbs in the culinary mix "Herbes de Provence” include lavender? 
Inspired by our new award-winning flavor - Herbes de Provence* - we’ve curated a box of cheese and chocolates perfect for Spring !
This box contains:
* 2 jars of CHEVOO Herbes de Provence (2 x 4-oz)
* 1 MAST Lavender Chocolate Bar (2.5-oz)
* 1 MAST Olive Oil Chocolate Bar (2.5-oz)
* 1 tin of Herbes de Provence (2-oz)
* Our Herbes de Provence recipe (with lavender!) is folded through fresh chèvre then paired with a light, garlic-infused EVOO blend offering an authentic taste of the Mediterranean.

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